What is IVF?

IVF is a treatment method used by couples who want to have children or not. IVF treatment is preferred by people who cannot get pregnant for a long time despite unprotected intercourse. It is a treatment method in which sperm and egg are fertilized in a laboratory environment. However, in order for this treatment to be applied, people must meet certain conditions. For example, if a high rate of success is desired, it would be better if the expectant mother is younger than 35 years old. Likewise, it is necessary to decide whether the situation that prevents having a child is in the mother or the father.

How Does IVF Treatment Work?

How Does IVF Treatment Work
How Does IVF Treatment Work

IVF is known as In Vitro Fertilization and means IVF treatment. It is a treatment applied to couples who cannot have children with natural methods. Medically, the sperm taken from the man and the ovary taken from the woman are combined and fertilized in the laboratory environment. The sperm is injected into the egg with the microinjection method or the ICSI method. When the fertilized egg becomes an embryo, it is injected into the mother’s womb.

the transfer phase, which is performed with the ultrasound method and no anesthesia is required, the embryo is placed in the mother’s womb with a catheter. All these stages in IVF treatment take place within 15 days.

How is the IVF Process?

IVF treatment process to progress in a healthy way is to be young enough to respond to the treatment. In order for IVF treatment to take place, the ovaries must first be collected. After an average of 10 days, when the egg reaches 20 mm in size, an HCG injection is applied. This ine is also known as the cracking needle. Afterwards, the process of collecting the eggs is started. Egg retrieval begins 36 hours after hCG is administered. Egg collection takes place through vaginal examination and the expectant mother does not feel any pain.

After the egg collection process, the sperm collection stage is started. The sperm of the father-to-be are collected in the sperm chamber. The sperm sample taken is sent to the laboratory. Then the egg and sperm unite. At the end of this method, the embryo is formed. The embryo is then transferred to the mother’s womb.

What are the Side Effects of IVF Treatment?

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Some side effects can be seen in IVF treatment. The treatment may cause skin rashes. The expectant mother may experience fatigue and headache. Feeling emotionally intense is also one of the side effects. The biggest risk that can be seen is the occurrence of multiple pregnancy. So while you’re expecting a single baby, you can also have twins. Apart from this, there are no in vitro fertilization side effects .

What are IVF Treatment Success Rates?

Another important criterion in IVF treatment is the success rate of the treatment. In order to have a high success rate in IVF treatment , the age range of the expectant mother should be less than 35. Because the success rate of expectant mothers who receive treatment after the age of 35 decreases at a high rate. While the success rate of mothers under the age of 35 is 60% , this rate drops to 20% for women over 35.

Are There Any Considerations to Be Considered in IVF Treatment?

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There are some points to be considered in order to obtain a success rate from IVF treatment . First of all, the expectant mother should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Diet programs should be used in a balanced way and should not be hungry. However, the expectant mother should stay away from stress. Because stress is one of the most important issues affecting treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to such factors in order not to encounter the risk of miscarriage during IVF treatment.

What is the Cost of IVF Treatment?

country to be treated is of great importance in terms of the cost of IVF treatment . Which country you choose, the costs will vary according to it. Thailand is one of the countries where IVF treatment is carried out at low amounts. America can be shown as one of the countries with the highest cost in IVF treatment. We recommend that you contact us for detailed information about IVF treatment costs.

The cost of IVF will vary according to the drugs to be used, which IVF treatment method will be applied, the preferred country and the experience of the doctor. Support from insurance companies will reduce the costs of IVF treatment to some extent.

Why is IVF Treatment Expensive?

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Since the devices used in IVF treatment are expensive, this rate is also reflected in the treatment costs. Most of the equipment used is of foreign origin. For this reason, the costs are doubled. Another reason why the prices are expensive is that doctors receive extra training for this treatment and that physicians with advanced expertise give the treatment. IVF treatment in Thailand is not a very tiring process. Therefore, you can easily choose Thailand.

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