Teeth Whitening Prices in Thailand

Teeth whitening is a method performed by dentists. Thanks to this process, a whiter and more aesthetic appearance of the teeth is possible. Thailand is among the countries frequently visited by medical tourists. Thailand teeth whitening prices are affordable, as well as the procedures performed are extremely successful.

For many people, having a healthy and white smile is an important issue. In the aesthetic perception of people, there is a perception that the teeth are white for a healthy appearance. For this reason, teeth whitening applications are one of the most demanded procedures. In addition, it is important to pay attention to certain issues in order to perform teeth whitening procedures correctly and effectively. Sometimes teeth whitening processes can cause dental health to be adversely affected. For this reason, teeth whitening procedures are not suitable for every individual.

What is the Teeth Whitening Process?

What is the Teeth Whitening Process
What is the Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth can turn yellow for various reasons in daily life. In addition, an undesirable appearance occurs as it darkens and changes color. Applications that make the teeth look aesthetically beautiful and healthy and that whiten the tooth color are called teeth whitening .

In addition to the techniques that can be applied professionally in dental clinics, there are also techniques that can be applied at home. The method recommended for each patient varies, since the way each method is applied, its effects and effectiveness in terms of dental health are different.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Teeth can lose their natural color in two different ways. Due to external discoloration , the use of tea, coffee, cigarettes, food coloring, etc., yellowing or darkening of the tooth color may occur over time due to chemicals affecting the tooth surface from the outside. For this reason, it is necessary to apply various techniques targeting the tooth surface in teeth with external discoloration problems.

Intrinsic discoloration is color changes due to destruction or loss of function in the tissues within the tooth. It can occur mostly due to the use of drugs during childhood, including the growth and development periods of the tooth, febrile diseases, various traumas to the tooth, caries or aging. Techniques applied at professional levels are needed in such discoloration problems.

What are the Options in Teeth Whitening Procedures?

In teeth whitening, it is extremely beneficial for patients to exchange opinions with their dentists and determine the ideal and effective method for their own teeth. There are professional techniques applied by dentists for people who are considering whitening their teeth.

Conditions such as the types of discoloration of the teeth, prevalence, severity, treatment cost, underlying diseases, and age of the patients are important in determining which of the professional techniques will be applied to whom. The teeth whitening process may take a long time for some people and it is possible to achieve the desired whiteness gradually with the coordinated application of multiple methods. It is important to benefit from professional techniques in patients with recession problems in their gums, deterioration in tooth structure or damage to oral structures.

What are Professional Teeth Whitening Techniques?

Office Type Whitening

Office type whitening has the feature of being the most effective method in all whitening systems. Since the peroxide ratios of the bleaching agents preferred in the bleaching process performed during the examination are high, the bleaching process is performed much faster. In addition, the permanence of the process is quite long.

the teeth whitening process is applied, the patients should be cleaned before the teeth whitening process. Before and after the sessions, photographs are taken of the patients and color determinations are made accordingly. Generally, 2-3 sessions are applied and this varies according to the coloration of the tooth. It is covered with a protective barrier to prevent damage to the gums during the procedure. Then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Tooth whitening gel is applied for 2 or 3 periods in 15-minute periods. It is important for the patients to stay away from the use of coloring food and to minimize the use of cigarettes between the sessions. In addition, there may be conditions such as sensitivity in the teeth between whitening sessions. However, it is possible to remove the sensitivity with the used desensitizing toothpastes.

Household Whitening

home bleaching , color is determined and transparent plaque is produced according to the measurements taken from the patients before the treatment. In home bleaching processes, bleaching agents containing carbamide peroxide with lower percentages are used.

The prepared transparent plan and tubes containing the whitening agent are given to the patients and they are informed about how to apply them to the teeth. Patients should use these drugs 2 times a day for 2 weeks, or use them for 1-2 weeks only at night, in accordance with the instructions of their dentists. Weekly controls are carried out to check how the treatment is going, and if necessary, changes can be made in the treatment. Dentists and patients decide together which methods to whiten the patients.

What are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

What are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening
What are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

All whitening gels can cause sensitivity in the teeth. Sensitivity to cold, hot drinks or air causes discomfort in people. This is an expected side effect of the application.

If the sensitivity does not go away within 248 hours, it is important to stop using bleach. In case of sensitivity problems, using fluoride to be applied by dentists and toothpaste or creams that they recommend to you will help reduce sensitivity. Another option to reduce sensitivity is to use toothpastes containing potassium nitrate.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Effect Last?

The results obtained from the whitening process vary according to the tooth structure of the people. This process will remain stable for approximately 6 months to 2 years. This period also varies depending on the individuals themselves. It is important to avoid foods and drinks that stain teeth for two weeks during and after whitening.

Is Teeth Whitening a Painful Procedure?

teeth whitening treatment is whether they experience pain during dental treatment. Pain in teeth is not expected during whitening processes. There may be sensitivity situations that can be prevented with painkillers within 24 hours after the procedure.

Is Teeth Whitening Possible by Brushing Teeth?

Protecting dental health is one of the most important issues. In cases of tooth discoloration caused by foods, it is possible to partially eliminate the discoloration problems by brushing. Excessive use of by-products produced for whitening while brushing can cause permanent damage to the teeth. In order to protect dental health and keep teeth clean, care should be taken to brush twice a day. It is important to brush all parts of the teeth without putting pressure on the gums.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Thailand

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Thailand
Teeth Whitening Treatment in Thailand

One of the most preferred treatments by international patients visiting Thailand is teeth whitening. There are many clinics that offer effective and fast teeth whitening treatment. Thailand’s success in medical tourism greatly contributes to its becoming a tourism destination.

Combining foreign holidays with teeth whitening treatments is one of the applications that has attracted a lot of attention recently. Thailand would be a good option for dental treatment holidays as it is a touristic paradise. You can get detailed information about teeth whitening treatment in Thailand by contacting us.

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