Bangkok Dental Veneers Prices

There are many different types of veneers used in dental veneer processes. In these types of veneers, cost, dental condition and patient expectations should be considered. Bangkok is one of the most preferred locations for dental treatments by medical tourists. dental veneers prices in bangkokIt is also investigated by the patients who will have this treatment.

What is Dental Veneers?

What is Dental Veneers
What is Dental Veneers

The loss of substance of the teeth for various reasons or the restorations made with different materials from an aesthetic point of view are called dental veneers . In case the loss of material caused by caries or trauma cannot be repaired with filling, there are options for changing the appearance of the teeth in terms of aesthetics, replacing the lost teeth or covering the teeth for placeholder support.

cover the teeth, some abrasion can sometimes be performed on the teeth. Abrasion amounts vary according to the types of veneer prostheses to be performed and aesthetic expectations. Sometimes, veneers can be performed without the need for abrasion on the teeth.

Preferred materials for coating may be metal or non-metallic. Ceramics can be made on materials whose infrastructure material is metal or whose aesthetic properties are dominant. In this way, it is possible to achieve a very natural look.

Preferring precious metals and alloys for infrastructure support will reduce allergic reaction tendencies. Dentists choose veneers depending on the general health status and expectations of the patients. Veneers are made with adhesives that do not harm the tooth tissue. For over-implant coatings , it is possible to use screws besides bonding.

The lifetime of the coatings, which are produced untouched by hand in laboratories or recently with CAD-CAM technology, is a lifetime. However, the duration of use of the veneers varies depending on the oral health conditions, the changing harmony of the veneered tooth and the surrounding tissues over the years. After the coating is done, the regular oral care of the patients and the doctor’s controls will extend the life of the coatings.

How Is Veneer Teeth Made?

How Is Veneer Teeth Made
How Is Veneer Teeth Made

First, the measurements of the teeth to be veneered should be made. The coating material should be preferred for the coating to be applied to the tooth. Afterwards, cleaning procedures are applied to the teeth. Mold preparation processes are carried out in order to form the necessary shape for the coating. These molds are placed on the teeth temporarily.

In order to understand whether the tooth is compatible with the mold, patients must live with the temporary mold for a while. If a problem occurs during this period, the mold is removed and the necessary treatment procedures are applied to solve the problem. In the last stage, the tooth coating process is completed.

Why is dental veneer done?

Dental veneer treatment is mostly carried out in order to eliminate some situations that cause aesthetic discomfort.

  • Pointed or abnormally shaped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • Teeth that are much smaller than average
  • Teeth with serious discoloration problems that do not improve with whitening
  • The veneer method may be preferred for teeth with excessive spaces between the teeth.

What is Porcelain Dental Veneer?

Porcelain dental veneer can be expressed as the use of porcelain in dental veneer production. Porcelain is white in color due to the materials used in its making. In addition, it has the feature of being biocompatible. There is no metal in the porcelain structure and it does not contain toxic substances. The use of porcelain in dental veneers helps to achieve a very natural appearance.

Porcelain veneer is a treatment method preferred by people with tooth loss or yellowing problems. Veneers help equalize teeth in size, shape and color.

How is Porcelain Dental Veneer Made?

porcelain tooth veneer application , the teeth must first be filed in accordance with the thickness of the veneer. Afterwards, the molds of the filed teeth are removed. These molds are sent to laboratories where the veneers will be prepared by professional dental technicians. The preparation of the coatings from the molds is carried out in a period of 1-2 weeks. After the coatings are ready, the processes are started.

Dentists use local anesthesia for the comfort of the patients during the veneer placement phase. The natural teeth of the patients are reshaped to ensure full compliance with the veneer. In this way, it is prepared for coating processes. Dentists complete tooth placement to examine the compatibility and color of veneers. Necessary adjustments are made before the tooth is permanently bonded.

How should the care after porcelain tooth veneer be?

porcelain veneer treatment loses its effect, the patients can return to their normal eating and drinking routines. After the coating is placed, hardness may occur at some points for a while. These hardnesses are extremely normal and within a few days after the procedure, patients can comfortably eat, drink, and brush their teeth.

Dentists may need to file veneers again if the hardness and ridges do not go away over a long period of time. In terms of longer life of coatings;

  • Chewing hard objects should be avoided.
  • Care should be taken to use mouth guards during sports.
  • Care should be taken to use the back teeth when chewing hard food.
  • Those with teeth clenching problems should use a retainer .

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers
What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers

This treatment is very popular today, as the benefits of dental veneers are quite high. The most important benefits of veneers include improving the appearance of teeth. In addition, it helps patients to have a brighter and more beautiful smile.

Coatings can be used comfortably for more than ten years, depending on the coating types preferred. This helps patients to increase their confidence in their smiles.

What are the Disadvantages of Dental Veneers?

  • There is no such thing as the restoration of dental veneers. Coatings cannot be repaired once they are damaged.
  • It is not a suitable method for people who are clenching or grinding their teeth. These movements cause problems such as cracking of coatings.
  • the veneer process , sensitivity problems may occur in the teeth against hot and cold foods.
  • Although rare, problems such as dislocation or falling of the coatings may occur. In order to prevent such situations, it is extremely important for people to be careful in their hard food consumption.
  • There may be cases where veneers are not fully compatible with other tooth colors. After the coating is placed in place, there will be no such thing as changing its color. For this reason, teeth whitening procedures should be performed before the veneer.

Zirconium Dental Veneer

Teeth affect people’s appearance and psychological changes. Those with straight and proportional teeth do not hesitate to smile compared to those with crooked teeth, and besides, they can make mouth movements comfortably. Zirconium dental veneers are among the popular methods today.

Zirconium is a preferred element in dental crowns. It attracts attention with its very rigid structure. There are zirconium in two different structures among themselves. These are high transparent zirconium and solid zirconium. While one is compatible with natural teeth, the other draws attention with its much fuller and harder structure. Translucent zirconias are mostly preferred for anterior teeth.

Bangkok Dental Veneer Treatment

Bangkok Dental Veneer Treatment
Bangkok Dental Veneer Treatment

Bangkok is highly developed in dental veneers. For this reason, it is often preferred by medical tourists. Those who come here can both have their treatment and have a perfect holiday. If you want to get information about dental veneer treatment in Bangkok , you can contact our company.

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