Bangkok Dental Bridge Prices

Bridge dental treatment is the process of closing the gaps that occur in cases of tooth loss and placing the bridge prosthesis by reducing the other teeth. Bangkok dental bridge prices are wondered by those who will have this procedure.

Thailand is one of the most visited places among medical tourists all over the world. Many people regularly visit the country every year for affordable medical treatments. Dental treatments are among the most preferred treatments in the country.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a procedure that is placed between two teeth on the right and left in order to close the tooth gaps caused by loss. During this process, two teeth are reduced and the old gap is closed with the help of a bridge tooth. Tooth loss situations are mostly caused by gingival recession, gingival diseases, untreated dental caries or trauma.

Bridge tooth treatment is one of the traditional treatment methods used for a long time in cases of tooth loss. Loss of teeth can cause deterioration in the anatomy of the face and jaw over time, and speech disorders, especially in cases where more than one tooth loss is experienced. Filling the cavities due to tooth loss is a very important issue.

When one of the teeth in the mouth is missing, the other teeth can move towards the empty spaces and move to the right, left, down and up. This situation causes deterioration in the mouth and teeth structure of people over time. Pain sensations may occur due to difficulties in chewing while eating or due to excessive load on other teeth.

One of the important factors affecting people in cases of tooth loss is the appearance of tooth cavities that occur in the case of smiling. Tooth loss treatments are important in terms of health, as well as an important issue in terms of making people feel comfortable and self-confident in their own social life. Bridge dental treatment will prevent situations such as difficulty in eating or speaking that occur in tooth loss.

How Are Bridge Dental Treatments Applied?

Bridge dental treatments are among the main methods that are frequently preferred in case of the completion of tooth deficiencies. Before the dental bridge treatment, a general examination will be made by the dentists of the patients. After this, the stage of taking dental x-rays of the patients is started. Dentists check the jaw structure of the patients during the examination, and the number of missing teeth in the patient’s mouth and the location of the cavities are determined and bridge dental treatments are started.

In bridge dental treatments, these teeth are reduced in terms of fixation by filing the intact teeth right next to the empty teeth. Afterwards, dentists will perform the mouth and jaw measurements of the patients and ensure that the appropriate prostheses are made for the patients. Bridge dental prosthesis is prepared depending on the tooth structure and color of the patients.

Dentists place these prepared prostheses in the mouth and thus make sure that the tooth is fully seated and will not disturb the patients. If there is a problem with the prepared bridge dental prosthesis or if the patient is stuck in the gum or palate, the prosthesis should be corrected in a way that is suitable for the patient’s mouth.

Bridge Tooth Types

In the treatment of bridge teeth, dentists first examine the teeth, mouth and jaw structure and choose the most suitable one for the patients . Bridge tooth types differ.

Traditional Bridge

Traditional bridge dental treatment is the process of using the missing teeth as a bridge pillar to fix them to the bridge by rasping and reducing the intact teeth on the right and left. On the fixed teeth, the procedures of placing the prepared bridge dental prostheses are performed.

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant supported bridges are mostly made in cases of multiple tooth loss. In this process, it is a method that is performed without the need to cut healthy teeth. This method is mostly used in patients with suitable jaw bone structure. In cases of multiple tooth loss, the replacement of missing teeth is performed with an implant bridge screwed to the jawbone.

Maryland Bridge

Maryland bridge is a method also known as wing bridge. In this bridge process, procedures related to bonding the bridge to the neighboring teeth are performed. The teeth prepared for filling the tooth cavity are adhered to the back of the adjacent teeth located right next to the tooth cavity. With the Maryland bridge dental prosthesis method, this process is applied without cutting healthy teeth. Maryland bridge applied with bonding is a less preferred process in terms of durability compared to other types.

Who Can Have Bridge Dental Treatment?

Who Can Have Bridge Dental Treatment
Who Can Have Bridge Dental Treatment

Two different methods can be applied to fill dental cavities, namely implant and bridge teeth. In the bridge tooth process, depending on the preferences of the patients, the procedures are performed according to the suitability of the bone and mouth structure. Bridge teeth are mostly preferred methods for patients whose mouth and jaw structure are not suitable. If the mouth and jaw structure, bone structure or soft tissue structure of the patients are not suitable for implant use, dental bridge treatment is considered appropriate for these patients .

What Should Be Considered After Dental Bridge Treatment?

There are several important points that patients should pay attention to after bridge dental treatment . Cleaning dental bridges is extremely important in preventing plaque and food buildup on the teeth. Failure to regularly clean the reduced teeth and dentures for use in the fixation task of the denture causes dental caries and problems in the gums.

What are the Benefits of Having a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridge benefits are among the topics that patients wonder.

  • A dental bridge gives people an advantage when it comes to biting hard fruits.
  • It has the feature of providing comfortable eating with oral integrity.
  • After the application of dental bridge treatment, the positions of the other teeth must also be maintained.
  • It contributes to make people’s smiles and teeth look more beautiful. The role of teeth is very important in a beautiful smile. Therefore, this process has many advantages.
  • Factors such as eating, chewing and speaking also return to their original state.
  • With the bridge applied to the teeth, the beauty on the faces of the people will be restored.

What Happens When Missing Tooth Is Not Treated?

If the teeth in the mouth are missing, there will be cases where the aesthetic appearance and also the dental health will be negatively affected in terms of strength. Missing tooth problems may occur in the mouth over the years due to wear and decay of the teeth or tooth extraction.

Missing teeth cause chewing problems. Inadequate chewing of food not only reduces the usefulness of food, but also causes difficulty in digestion. In addition, undesirable conditions such as stomach ailments and weight gain may also occur. Missing teeth also negatively affect people’s speech. In addition, missing teeth also affect the appearance in terms of aesthetics and cause an older appearance.

Bangkok Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental treatments are one of the most sought after treatments for international patients visiting Bangkok. Dental bridge operations can be performed effectively and quickly. It is among the strong points of dental treatment in Thailand. In addition, the procedures are extremely successful as treatments are carried out in well-equipped dental clinics here. You can contact our company for detailed information about dental bridge treatment in Bangkok

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