Bangkok Maternity Aesthetic Prices

Pregnancy and motherhood processes are among the important turning points of women’s lives. In addition, there are some changes in women’s bodies during pregnancy. This causes women to be dissatisfied with their bodies. Even if excess weight is lost after birth, it may not be possible to reach old images. In such cases, women prefer to be a maternity aesthetic. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is very popular with its doctors who specialize in aesthetics. For this reason , many people wonder about the prices of maternity aesthetics in Bangkok .

Vaginal deformation, breast sagging, various changes in the abdomen and legs may occur due to childbirth. Thanks to the maternity aesthetics performed , it is possible to restore the body to its former form. Holistic surgical interventions help the body to regain its former form. In a single session, people will be able to return to the body they had before pregnancy.

How is Maternity Aesthetics Performed?

How is Maternity Aesthetics Performed
How is Maternity Aesthetics Performed

application of maternity aesthetics is performed in approximately 5-6 hours. This is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Before the operation is performed, preoperative analyzes of the patients are routinely performed. These procedures are evaluated by anesthesiologists.

Consent form is obtained from the patients before all surgeries performed under general anesthesia. In addition, photographs of the patients are taken from appropriate angles before the operation. Drawings related to the areas to be operated are made on the day of the surgery. Although it varies according to the patients, the surgery is usually started with the liposuction method. After thinning the necessary areas with the liposuction method , tummy tuck surgeries are also performed. Finally, breast surgery methods are performed.

During the surgery, drains are placed in the areas where liposuction is performed, tummy tuck and breast areas. The purpose of placing drains here is to easily drain the blood and fluids accumulated during the surgery. After the surgery is over, the patients are dressed in the necessary dressings and the corsets recommended by the doctor are put on. After the patients recover, they are taken to the normal room.

What Operations Are Included in Maternity Aesthetics?

Maternity aesthetics is basically a method that includes breast aesthetics, tummy tuck and liposuction surgeries. With the effect of pregnancy in the abdominal region, crack problems may occur in the abdominal skin. These cracks also cause deterioration of leather quality.

In addition to these, abdominal muscle weakness and separation problems may occur during pregnancy. Excess skin in the abdomen is removed during aesthetic procedures. In addition, the tightening of the abdominal muscles is performed. Thus, patients have a more tense and athletic abdominal area.

Thanks to liposuction applied to the sides of the abdomen, waist and back areas, narrowing is achieved in the waist area. In this way, the waist area will appear much narrower, curved and athletic. During the operation, interventions are also performed on the breast area. With lactation and pregnancy, some changes occur in the breasts. Breasts that gain volume due to hormonal reasons during pregnancy undergo some changes again with the end of lactation.

Breasts may be larger than before pregnancy. In case of loss of volume, a smaller and drooping appearance may occur before pregnancy. In addition, they can return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size. If the breasts are larger than normal after pregnancy, breast reduction surgery is performed on these people . In case of loss of volume in the breasts, breast augmentation can be performed with the help of a breast implant. In case of volume loss and sagging problems, breast lift and prosthesis surgeries may need to be performed together.

Who Is Maternity Aesthetics Suitable For?

Maternity aesthetic surgery can be performed 1 year after the earliest birth. It is an important issue to terminate the lactation phase, especially in terms of performing breast surgeries. The most important time to perform breast surgery is 1 year after lactation.

breast surgery is performed in earlier periods , it is not possible to fully evaluate the breast volume because the milk channels in the breast are active. In addition, the breast tissue will become much more open to infection problems.

In order for these operations to be performed, the body must have returned to its hormonally normal structure after pregnancy. It is an important issue that the milk production in the breasts ended 1 year ago. Another important issue is that people who are candidates for surgery should approach their normal weight.

Which Procedures Are Performed for Maternity Aesthetics?

Which Procedures Are Performed for Maternity Aesthetics
Which Procedures Are Performed for Maternity Aesthetics

There are basically 3 different surgeries for the maternity aesthetic method . These surgeries; breast surgeries , tummy tuck and liposuction procedures. In tummy tuck procedures, liposuction procedures are applied to the back, sides of the abdomen and waist . In this way, the desired thinness in the waist area is obtained. In the maternity aesthetic procedure, liposuction or different additional surgical procedures can be applied to the arm and leg areas at the same time . In order not to prolong the operation period and not to expand the operation areas too much, the procedures related to the arms and legs can be left to the second operation session.

One of the indispensable operations in these procedures is breast surgery. Here, depending on the needs of the patients, breast lift , breast reduction, breast prosthesis procedures can be applied. In case of excess breast volume after pregnancy, breast reduction procedures are applied. In case of sagging problems in the breast tissue, breast lift surgery should be performed.

In case of decrease in breast volume after lactation, breast prosthesis procedure is performed. In case of both breast volume reduction and sagging problems, breast prosthesis and lifting procedures are applied together.

What Should Be Done Before Maternity Aesthetic Surgery?

Before maternity aesthetic surgery, patients should lose some of the weight they gained after pregnancy. Maternity aesthetic surgery should be considered as a body shaping operation, not as a weight loss surgery.

It is an important issue for mothers to stop breastfeeding at least one year beforehand, especially for these procedures involving breast surgeries. In this way, swelling and volume increase in the breast tissue due to lactation and hormonal reasons become normal. In addition, the milk channels will be closed and the risk of infection will decrease after the surgery.

is an important issue that people return to their pre-pregnancy hormonal status before the surgery . Smokers should have quit smoking approximately 4 weeks before the surgery. After the operation, it is an important issue to not smoke for at least 4 weeks in terms of accelerating the recovery.

What is the Post-Maternity Aesthetics Process?

After the end of the surgery, the patients are taken to the normal room. About 5 hours after the procedure, patients can start to eat. After eating, patients are seated in the normal position. They can also be carried out slowly if their blood pressure is normal.

It is recommended that patients stay in the hospital for at least 2 nights after maternity aesthetics . It is an important issue to monitor blood values and blood pressure throughout the hospital stay of the patients. Approximately 5-6 days after the operation, the removal of the drains in the tummy tuck and liposuction areas of the patients is performed. It is ensured that sterile tapes are adhered to the areas where the patients are operated.

Bangkok Maternity Aesthetics

Bangkok Maternity Aesthetics
Bangkok Maternity Aesthetics

Bangkok is one of the most developed places of medical tourism with its surgeons and clinics who are experts in their field. Many people prefer this place for maternity aesthetics. It is often preferred because of its high success rates and being a touristic city. You can contact our company for more detailed information about Bangkok maternity aesthetics .

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