Pattaya Breast Lift Prices

Breast aesthetics is performed to make the breasts look much more beautiful than their shape. The interventions to be made vary according to the conditions such as the smallness, deformity, sagging and size of the breast. Since Thailand is one of the countries that are highly developed in medical matters, health tourism is also highly developed. Every year, many people come to Pattaya , one of the most important cities in Thailand, both for aesthetic purposes and for a holiday. For this reason , breast lift prices in Pattaya are also a matter of curiosity.

Breast lift surgery is performed to recover sagging breasts if there is no problem with the size of the breasts. There are many different factors that cause sagging in the breasts. There may be sagging of the breasts due to reasons such as weight gain, breastfeeding, aging, gravity.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery
Breast Lift Surgery

Breast reduction procedures are similar in principle to each other. In breast lift surgeries, studies are carried out on the skin tissue that causes sagging. Excess skin or very little tissue is removed with special drawings. In this procedure, the sagging breast tissue and the nipple are shaped to obtain a more upright and fuller breast appearance.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Decided?

is at or below the level of the inframammary fold and there is not much breast tissue , it is decided to perform a breast lift surgery. There are certain reasons for breast lift surgeries.

  • One of the breasts has a much softer and drooping structure compared to the other.
  • Sagging cases due to the loss of firmness of the breast and its emptying
  • The nipple is in a downward-facing position due to sagging

Why are there cases of sagging in the chest?

Breast sagging or ptosis It can happen for many different reasons.

  • The breasts of pregnant or breastfeeding women are much more susceptible to sagging. Breast tissue fills with milk during lactation. For this reason, growth occurs with the help of the skin on it and the connective tissue between them.
  • There may be sagging of the breasts due to the weakening of the ligaments carrying the breast due to hereditary reasons.
  • The volume changes that occur with excessive weight gain and loss in the breasts adversely affect the skin elasticity and accordingly sagging problems may occur.
  • When breastfeeding is terminated, breast tissue will return to its pre-pregnancy state, as milk production will not occur in women. In this case, the mammary ligaments and the skin lose its former firmness. Since the breast tissue returns to normal after pregnancy, the skin around it loosens and sagging occurs.
  • Due to aging, there is a decrease in breast tissue due to hormonal reasons. This causes sagging and sagging problems in the breasts.
  • Gravity begins to affect body shape after a while. Gravity causes the breasts to be pulled down, especially in those who do not wear a bra. This causes sagging problems.

How to Tell the Right Breast Size?

ideal breast shape or breast size for women . Breast liking varies depending on people, culture and age. In addition to the volume of the breasts, it is an important issue that they have a natural and lively appearance. It is necessary to decide together with the plastic surgeon for the breasts with the most suitable shape and size for the body structures of the people.

How is Breast Lift Procedure Performed?

How is Breast Lift Procedure Performed
How is Breast Lift Procedure Performed

Breast lift is performed in ways similar to the techniques and principles of reduction surgery. Only changes related to the shape of the breast are performed without the need for reduction in the breast tissue.

If necessary, the dark circle, that is, the areola , which is overly enlarged around the nipple, can be reduced during surgery. Depending on the breast types and the expected shape, some changes can be made in the surgical technique. Mostly, in cases of 1st degree sagging, if there is no excess skin, breast augmentation and lift can be performed without creating too many scars by simply placing a breast prosthesis.

In 2nd and 3rd degree sagging problems, if there is advanced volume loss in the breast tissue, studies are performed to remove the excess skin. Along with the recovery and shaping of the breast tissue, breast prosthesis can also be applied.

Will there be any scars in breast lift surgery?

It is also a matter of curiosity whether there are any scars in breast lift surgeries. As in other surgical procedures, there may be scarring in breast lift procedures. The scars are red and prominent in the early period. Over time, these scars become indistinct and begin to become barely noticeable.

What Should Be Considered During Breast Lift Surgery?

before breast lift surgery should reduce or quit smoking if possible. Care should be taken not to consume too much herbal products. If people have active soft tissue disease, studies are carried out to regulate the treatment.

What are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery?

What are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery
What are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery

As with any surgery, breast lift surgery has risks . Although various measures are taken against all of them, unforeseen problems may also occur. The interventions necessary to overcome all these situations are performed by the surgical teams.

The most common risks in the first 24-hour stage are bleeding problems in the area. These problems can be seen in 1-2 out of 100 patients. If the amount of bleeding is followed and there is no regression in the follow-up, evacuation procedures are performed with a small operation on the same night. Bleeding problems will not affect their final aesthetic condition. However, re-intervention procedures are performed under an additional anesthesia.

One of the complications frequently encountered in the early period is the occurrence of infection problems at the wound site. In addition, healing problems may occur in the seams. This situation is especially seen at the junction of the vertical track and the horizontal track and in the areas where the tension is highest.

Conditions such as smoking, diabetes, and soft tissue diseases increase the risks of these complications. Therefore, diabetes and soft tissue diseases should be under control before the operation. In addition, it is extremely important to cut cigarette consumption.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After Breast Lift Surgery?

is also often wondered whether it is possible to breastfeed after breast lift surgery . Since the milk-producing glands are protected during this process, there is no harm to breastfeeding. However, if there is an inference, breastfeeding will not be guaranteed.

Things to Consider After Breast Lift Surgery

After the surgery, patients stay in the hospital for one night for follow-up. If a problem is not observed, they are discharged the next day. In the early postoperative period, patients should avoid heavy exercises. But bed rest is not required. People should lie on their back for 4 weeks after surgery. It is important to avoid lying face down, especially in the early period. Mostly, the dressings made during the surgery are not removed until the first control. During the control, the patients will be allowed to take a shower if the wounds are checked and do not pose an obstacle.

Pattaya Breast Lift Surgery

Pattaya Breast Lift Surgery
Pattaya Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic operations today. Pattaya is one of the places where this operation is performed most frequently. International medical tourists prefer this place for breast lift surgery. You can contact us to get detailed information

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