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IVF method is applied to couples who cannot have children. This method has the feature of being a technique that has been used for many years. With the development of the medical sector in Thailand, the success rate of this treatment method has also increased. For this reason, Thailand IVF prices are curious. In vitro fertilization is one of the most preferred infertility treatments today.

It is possible for couples to have a baby with the in vitro fertilization method in cases that can be caused by blockage in the tubes, unexplained infertility, infection, low sperm quality, weight or advanced age .

In vitro fertilization includes the treatment process performed by collecting eggs, which are female reproductive cells, and sperm, which are male reproductive cells, and bringing them together outside the body and in a laboratory environment to obtain fertilization.

The difference of this treatment method from natural pregnancy is that fertilization is carried out in a laboratory environment and the fertilized eggs are placed in the mother’s womb. Vaccination treatment is preferred before IVF treatment, especially in cases of infertility caused by men. In this method, after the collection of sperms, they are transferred into the uterus.

Placement of Eggs in IVF Method

Placement of Eggs in IVF Method
Placement of Eggs in IVF Method

In the fertilization process in the laboratory, the sperm are left next to the egg and this sperm is expected to enter the egg by itself and perform the fertilization process. This method is called the classical IVF method .

In the other method, fertilization is possible by injecting the sperm directly into the egg with a pipette under the microscope. This method is called microinjection . IVF specialists prefer these two methods depending on the characteristics of the couples. The goal here is to help couples have the best chance of success.

What is the Difference Between Vaccination Treatment and IVF Method?

In cases of male-related and unexplained infertility, vaccination treatment is preferred before IVF treatment . In the vaccination process, as in the IVF treatment, the ovaries of women are stimulated. After the eggs are cracked, the sperm taken from the male are transferred into the uterus.

It is important that at least one of the women’s tubes is open in order for the vaccination to be carried out. The sperm analysis of the man should be normal or close to normal. In addition, the woman should not have any endometrial pathology conditions that will prevent the pregnancy.

What Does the IVF Treatment Process Cover?

Regularly menstruating women produce one egg each month. In IVF treatments, the number of eggs is increased with the help of externally given hormone drugs . Although the treatment protocols differ from each other, basically two parallel hormone therapy methods are applied that provide egg development and prevent early ovulation.

During the use of hormone drugs, ultrasound and blood tests can be performed to follow the response of the ovaries, that is, to follow the egg development, and to adjust the dose if necessary. In this way, the eggs that reach maturity are collected with the help of a simple needle called the cracking needle. In the laboratory environment, procedures are carried out to ensure fertilization with sperm taken from the male . Egg retrieval can be performed under general anesthesia or under sedation and local anesthesia.

This fertilization process can be achieved by placing the sperm and egg side by side with the classical IVF method . In addition, it can also be done by injecting each sperm, also called microinjection, into a single egg under a high-magnification microscope. Physicians make necessary explanations about which methods are suitable for patients.

Fertilized eggs are left to develop in laboratories for 2-3 days, or in some cases for 5-6 days, in a temperature and atmosphere controlled culture environment. At the end of the period, the best developing embryos are selected and placed in the mother’s womb.

Since the determination of the number of embryos to be transferred will directly affect the chance of pregnancy and the risks of multiple pregnancy, these numbers are discussed in detail with the individuals in the process following the determination of the embryo quality. Except in rare cases, embryo transfer is performed without the need for anesthesia and sedation.

In Which Situations Is IVF Treatment Performed?

People who cannot get pregnant for 1 year or more, even if they have sexual intercourse without using any contraceptive method, should apply to the IVF center.

What is the Age Limit for IVF Treatment?

IVF application , first of all, the ovarian reserves of the woman should be evaluated. Hormone tests performed on the 3rd day of menstruation, as well as ultrasonography, are used to control the status of ovarian reserves.

If ovarian reserves are found to be good, IVF treatment can be performed up to the age of 45. However, due to the negative effects of aging, the examination of embryos in terms of chromosomes is also an important issue. In IVF treatment after 38 years of age, women should apply to preimplantation genetic diagnosis method and examine their embryo status.

After the age of 35 in women, the number of eggs decreases. Ovulations are disrupted, and besides, the quality of the egg decreases. Although ovarian reserves are suitable for IVF, there is a decrease in the chance of success in IVF. For this reason, women with infertility problems should start treatment without waiting for advanced ages in order to have children.

For a woman who is older and has problems in the ovarian chamber, there is no method in terms of pregnancy in IVF treatment. Women with low ovarian reserve can become pregnant at a later age thanks to the egg freezing method . Since pregnancies over the age of 35 fall into the high-risk pregnancy category, it is important to be followed up by perinatology specialists.

Is There an Age Limit for IVF for Men?

Sperm production in men is a condition that continues at any age. However, with the advancing age, there is a decrease in sperm quality. Men over the age of 55 have more than half a slowdown in sperm motility. It is thought that the deterioration in sperm DNA as age is effective in this.

Is There a Risk of Multiple Pregnancy?

If a single embryo is given, twin pregnancy, that is, monozygotic twinning, is extremely difficult. If 2 embryos are given, twin pregnancy is seen at a rate of approximately 1 in 3. Although rare , 3 or even 4 baby formations may occur if 2 embryos are given. One or both of the given embryos may split and twins may occur.

Couples who have undergone reproductive treatment such as in vitro fertilization and vaccination and cannot have children for a long time may wish for multiple pregnancy. It is an important issue that the doctor and patients decide together on the number of embryos to be transferred, since multiple pregnancy is considered risky. Embryos that are not transferred can be frozen and stored for 5 years.

Who Is In Vitro Fertilization Applied?

Despite regular intercourse without protection, if there is no pregnancy in a period of one year, infertility can be treated and it is possible for people to have children with the help of assisted reproductive techniques. In some cases, doctors should be contacted. These;

  • you are thinking of getting pregnant and you are over 30 years old and have not had menstrual bleeding for 6 months
  • menstrual periods are irregular and painful, have pelvic pain, endometriosis , or recurrent miscarriage
  • In vitro fertilization treatment should be started if low sperm count, prostate and testicular diseases are in question.

IVF Treatment in Thailand

IVF Treatment in Thailand
IVF Treatment in Thailand

IVF success rates in Thailand are quite high. For this reason, most people prefer to be treated here. In addition, transaction costs are extremely affordable when compared to other countries. You can contact us to get information about IVF treatment in Thailand .

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