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Breast aesthetics can be named as ensuring that the shape of the breast looks more pleasant than it is. The situation to be intervened varies according to conditions such as smallness, sagging and size of the breast. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most preferred methods in breast aesthetics. Thailand breast reduction prices are also among the curious topics.

Thailand is one of the most important countries for medical tourists in the world. Here, many transactions are carried out quite successfully. In addition, many people prefer Thailand for treatment because medical interventions are affordable.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

What is Breast Reduction Surgery
What is Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is the process of removing the skin and mammary gland tissues that cause heaviness or sagging from the breast and to make the remaining breast tissue look more aesthetic and upright. The breast tissues of women are known to be significantly sensitive to hormone levels in the blood. In addition to body weight and fat ratio, dietary habits also affect the structure and size of the breast tissue.

Depending on all these factors, some women may experience breast tissue reaching large sizes. This situation can negatively affect the quality of life both in terms of causing various health problems and cosmetically. In this context, breast reduction surgery is performed by surgically removing the large breast tissue from the body.

Breast reduction treatment , breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is performed as the surgical reduction of large breast tissues in women and the removal of excess breast tissue from the body. After the procedure, while reducing the breast size, excess fat and skin in the breast tissue are removed. In addition, the nipple is moved higher.

In healthy individuals, the breast tissue is a very special organ consisting of a dense fat and connective tissue, together with the milk channels of some glands that are necessary for breastfeeding after birth. There are ligaments and ligaments in the breast tissue that keep the breast upright and taut and serve as support for other tissues. The nipple has a different structure and a darker skin structure, in which the glands and milk channels in the breast are opened.

Breast reduction surgery is a method used in order to obtain a more beautiful appearance in large or structurally bad breasts or in cases of eliminating various health problems caused by large breasts. After the surgery, people will have more positive impressions of their bodies. They can participate more easily in physical activities. In addition, there are cases of psychological relaxation.

Why Is Breast Reduction Performed?

Large breasts can cause various health problems apart from bad cosmetic appearance. The problems frequently encountered in women with large breasts are as follows;

  • Postural disorders, spinal curvature, hunching due to chronic inclination of the spine
  • Chronic back, back and shoulder pain
  • The occurrence of various difficulties in bras and tops
  • Shortness of breath and lung problems because the spine is bent
  • Restrictions in physical activities
  • Redness, irritation, tenderness, rash on the skin under the breast tissue due to sweating
  • Pain situations in the form of tingling or electric shock because the nerve tissues are under pressure
  • Deterioration of body perception and psychological stress situations due to bad cosmetic appearance

What Should Be Considered Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Since breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia, there are some risk situations. It is important to pay attention to some issues before the operation. Especially in some cases, since breast reduction attempts will be inconvenient, it is necessary to decide on the subject of surgery by exchanging views with the physician.


It is necessary to be careful when making surgical decisions in obese people with high body weight or those who plan to lose weight. Obesity is a condition that increases the risks of surgery. In addition, it may prevent adequate success after surgery. Weight loss is a condition that contributes to the reduction of breast sizes. If obesity patients reach the desired weight, a re-evaluation can be made in terms of breast reduction surgery.


Those who are suspected of pregnancy or who are planning a pregnancy may need to delay the decision of surgery because breastfeeding after delivery causes problems. In breast reduction surgery, since the fat and skin tissues in the breast are removed, there are no problems with pregnancy or breastfeeding after the healing is completed.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking and alcohol use cause prolongation of the wound healing process. Therefore, it will increase the risks after the surgery.

Chronic Diseases

It is important to obtain physician approval before elective surgery such as breast reduction in people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

What are the Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Various complications or side effects may occur in patients after breast reduction surgery . Undesirable effects are very rare in surgeries performed with the right technique and preparations. In case of complications, it is possible to eliminate them with appropriate treatments.


Infection is a rare but highly probable condition. For this reason, surgeons mostly prefer the use of preventive antibiotics at the beginning of the operation.


It is inevitable to leave scars after surgical procedures. Sometimes the scars are unnoticeable, but in some cases they can be more prominent in patients.


It is one of the rare complications. It is a condition that can occur during or after surgery. By placing a drain on the breasts after the operation, it is possible to monitor whether there is bleeding and to prevent the accumulation of blood in the breast tissue .

Change in Nipple and Skin Sensitivity

There may be a decrease in the sensitivity of these regions. This situation is temporary and spontaneous recovery occurs afterwards.

Breast Firmness

Hardness due to scarring or fat necrosis in the breast is one of the rare conditions. It is not possible to predict this in advance.


There may be cases where pain in the back, neck and shoulder continues after breast reduction surgery. In rare cases, scars in the breast and skin tissue also cause pain conditions.

Delay in Wound Healing

Delays in wound healing may also occur, although rare. It may take longer for some areas of the breast skin or nipple to heal completely. In such cases, frequent dressing may be required, and these problems are more common in those who have a habit of smoking.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • It is important to avoid heavy exercise in the early period. However, heavy bed rest is not necessary.
  • After the breast reduction procedure, one night is spent in the hospital and if there is no problem, the patients are discharged the next day.
  • After the procedure, 6-8 weeks should be spent with a special bra.
  • It is an important issue to lie on your back for 4 weeks after the operation as a lying position. Especially in the early period, it is necessary to avoid lying face down.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand
Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Breast reduction surgery in Thailand is performed by specialist doctors. The success rates of these procedures, which are performed in well-equipped clinics in the country, are also extremely high. You can contact us for detailed information about breast reduction surgery in Thailand.


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