Teeth Whitening Prices in Pattaya

Teeth whitening is a procedure that can be performed at home by dentists or under the control of physicians. In this process, it is aimed to make the teeth look aesthetic and white. Pattaya has the distinction of being Thailand’s second largest city. In addition, the dentists and dental clinics here draw attention with the quality services they provide. Teeth whitening prices in Pattaya are wondered by tourists who want to have this procedure.

For many people, having white and healthy teeth is an important issue. In the aesthetic perceptions of people, there are perceptions about the white color of the teeth. For this reason, teeth whitening applications are preferred by many people today. It is extremely important to pay attention to certain issues in order to perform teeth whitening procedures effectively and correctly. Sometimes teeth whitening processes can cause teeth to be adversely affected. Therefore, this procedure is not recommended for everyone.

Teeth Whitening Application

Teeth Whitening Application
Teeth Whitening Application

Teeth may change color by turning yellow or darkening for a number of reasons in daily life. In this case, if undesirable appearances occur, teeth whitening is applied . Applications that make the teeth look aesthetically beautiful and healthy and that bring the tooth colors closer to white are considered as teeth whitening.

whitening , there are also methods that can be applied at home with various chemicals. Since the effectiveness of all methods, the way they are applied and their effects on dental health are different, the preferred method for each patient will also be different.

What are the Causes of Yellowing of the Teeth?

There are two ways of losing the natural colors of the teeth. These processes are;

Extrinsic Discoloration

The yellowing that occurs in tooth color over time due to chemicals that affect the tooth surface from the outside, such as tea, food dyes, coffee, smoking, is called external discoloration . Techniques targeting the tooth surface can be used in teeth with external discoloration problems.

Intrinsic Discoloration

Color changes that occur due to health problems that cause damage to the tissues in the tooth or loss of function are called internal discoloration . It can occur with drug use, febrile illness, trauma to the tooth, caries, drugs and aging, which mostly covers the growth and development periods of the tooth. This type of discoloration problems require the use of techniques applied at professional levels.

What Should Be Considered in Teeth Whitening Procedures?

After careful preservation of surrounding tissues such as tongue, gums and lips, it is necessary to proceed to the whitening process. Correctly adjusting the concentrations and duration of use of the drugs used is extremely important for the success of the process.

teeth whitening treatment , patients may experience sensitivity. These sensitivity problems disappear completely in 1-3 days. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct and complete fulfillment of the steps required by the treatments applied. Teeth whitening is an extremely effective and harmless method when performed by dentists.

What are the Teeth Whitening Methods?

Teeth whitening methods can be performed in two different ways, depending on the technique to be applied. power in office environment In bleaching application, 3-4 tones of tooth color are lightened by using whitening gel and light. It draws attention as it is an extremely fast, reliable and effective method.

home teeth whitening is the name given to the whitening procedures performed by putting gel inside the plastic mouthpieces prepared with the help of a simple measure taken from the mouth. In this process, people can reach the desired whiteness within an average of 5-7 days. It is important to wear these plastic mouthpieces between 4 and 8 hours during the day.

Is Teeth Whitening Applicable to Everyone?

Is Teeth Whitening Applicable to Everyone
Is Teeth Whitening Applicable to Everyone

If people do not have any tooth or gum disease that will interfere with the process, teeth whitening treatments can be applied comfortably. However, it is an important issue for people to undergo a dental examination before teeth whitening. People with advanced caries or gum diseases in the mouth can have teeth whitening after the treatments to be applied by dentists. In addition, this application is not suitable for people who have not completed their growth and development, who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Is Teeth Whitening Reliable?

According to the studies, it has been determined that there is no harm in using 10 % bleaching solution. There is no research showing that there is structural or permanent damage to the teeth due to teeth whitening. Different concentrations of drugs can be preferred for teeth whitening. It is a very important issue for dentists to decide why and how to use these drugs.

Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Whitening gels cause more or less sensitivity in the teeth. Sensitivity to the air or to hot and cold drinks causes discomfort in people. This is an expected and normal side effect of the application. If sensitivity problems do not pass within 24-48 hours, it may be possible to discontinue use of bleach.

sensitivity , fluoride to be applied by dentists and toothpaste or creams they recommend will help reduce tooth sensitivity. Another option for reducing sensitivity is toothpastes containing potassium nitrate.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Effect Last?

The results obtained from the whitening processes vary according to the tooth structure of the people. The teeth whitening effect will remain constant for about 6 months to 2 years. These processes may also vary depending on the individuals themselves. During and after whitening, people should stay away from foods and drinks that stain teeth for at least two weeks.

What Is Done Before Teeth Whitening?

What Is Done Before Teeth Whitening
What Is Done Before Teeth Whitening

Those who want to whiten their teeth should make a preliminary preparation before this procedure. What to do before teeth whitening is determined and managed by specialist physicians. Existing teeth and gum problems should be resolved before teeth whitening.

If patients have dental caries, first of all, care should be taken to treat caries problems. People who have problems with their gums should have the necessary treatment and if there are calculus, they should be cleaned. The gels used to whiten teeth before the caries are cleaned exceed the caries and pass into the deep tissues of the tooth. This causes undesirable results. The damages will also be quite severe. Whitening procedures should not be applied if the integrity of the tooth enamel is broken or if there are crack problems in the tooth.

Is Teeth Whitening Process Painful?

When the laser teeth whitening process is carried out in a controlled manner as a result of the dentist’s examination, minor tingling may occur, but there is no pain. Biological teeth whitening is a frequently preferred method today. Thanks to this method, the teeth are both strengthened and whiter. In this process, the method is applied by mixing two substances. Patients will not feel pain during and after the biological teeth whitening process. If it is applied uncontrolled and especially on worn damaged enamel tissue, there will be pain during the procedure.

Pattaya Teeth Whitening Treatment

Most of the medical tourists prefer Pattaya for their dental treatments. It is possible to have both their holidays and teeth whitening treatments here. You can contact us for more information about teeth whitening treatment in Pattaya .

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