Thailand Dental Implants Prices

With the rapid development of technology, there have been developments in modern medicine. There has been a lot of progress in dentistry in recent years. Implant treatment is frequently used in dentistry today. Thailand dental implants are often preferred today because their prices are affordable and their advantages are many.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries among medical tourists in the world. Every year, many people travel to this country for excellent quality and affordable medical treatments. Dental treatments are one of the most sought after treatments by international patients visiting Thailand.

are many clinics here that offer effective and fast dental implant treatments . Like the Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry is also among the specialties of Thai dentists.

What is a Dental Implant?

What is a Dental Implant
What is a Dental Implant

Dental implants are a suitable treatment option for people who have missing teeth for various reasons or who need tooth extraction. An implant is the name given to metal screws, mostly made of titanium, that are fixed to the jaw to support the prosthetic dental crown. The implant becomes a permanent part of the mouth within a few months and integrates with the bone.

dental implant surgery , an incision is made in the gums with missing teeth. A hole is drilled in the lower jawbone and the implant body metal screw is placed into the hole in the jawbone. The metal screw has the feature of acting as an artificial tooth root. An additional connection piece called abutment is placed on the implant body . Screw-like implants lie under the gums, while the abutment is visible above the gum.

implant and abutment placement, there is a period of time for the jawbone and tooth tissue to heal. After the healing process, an artificial tooth called a dental crown is placed on the metal implant post and abutment . Completion of the entire process varies depending on the healing processes and whether any additional dental treatment is required. In addition, there are very fast dental implant methods that are completely finished in a few days .

As a result of implant treatment, people have fully functional and durable teeth. With the dental implant method , one or more missing teeth can be treated. It is also possible to have dental implants if all of the upper or lower teeth are missing. This situation is very advantageous for people to regain their chewing and speaking abilities. If missing teeth are a tooth that is frequently seen during speaking or laughing, as a result of the correction with a dental implant, people’s self-esteem will increase as they can talk and smile much more comfortably.

To Whom Can Implant Treatment Be Applied?

Any individual over the age of 18 who has completed facial development can easily have these treatments. Before starting the treatment, studies are carried out to determine whether the jaw structures of the patients are suitable for the implant . For this, x-rays of the mouth and jaw structure of the patients should be taken. It is extremely important for people with diabetes to regulate their diseases before implant treatment. People using blood thinners should stop their medication before starting treatment. Those with bone resorption problems can start implant treatment after receiving the necessary treatment.

How is Implant Treatment Performed?

Implant treatment begins by giving sedation to patients. Before starting this procedure, patients are given detailed x-rays and examinations. Studies are carried out to measure the jaw bones and the remaining teeth. There are two different options for making dental implants.

In the single-stage procedure, temporary capping is performed after the implants are placed. In two-stage procedures , after the dental implant is inserted, it is covered with the gingiva. In this way, it is expected to heal. It is performed after the healing process with the insertion of prosthetic heads.

In both cases, temporary bridge placement operations are performed. It is necessary to wait three months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw. In some cases, newly made teeth can be placed on dental implants immediately. With dental implants, it is possible for patients to laugh and eat safely.

Zirconium implants are new generation implant models used to increase the resistance of implants made of titanium. Narrow jaw bones have properties that help increase endurance. Apart from durability, it is not much different from titanium.

Zirconium is also a preferred material in dental crowns. It is preferred with its light reflecting feature as well as being close to natural tooth whiteness. It is frequently used because of its durability as well as its aesthetic use. It does not corrode and does not cause a metal taste in the mouth. Undesirable situations such as color change will not occur over time. It can be used easily as it does not cause any harm to the body.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are frequently used today because of their many advantages. Dental implants have the feature of looking like one’s own teeth. For this reason, it has the feature of creating a natural tooth feeling. They are extremely permanent products because they are designed to fuse with the bone.

In unsuitable prostheses, there may be cases of slipping of the teeth in the mouth. This causes people to mispronunciate while speaking. Dental implants allow speech without the worry of losing teeth.

Traditional dentures are constantly slipping and therefore cause discomfort to people. Dental implants, on the other hand, have the ability to function like natural teeth of people. In this way, people can consume their favorite foods comfortably. In addition, they have better bite forces than conventional dentures.

The roots of the tooth are attached to the jaw like the root of a tree. If a tooth is lost, there will be a gap in the area where the root is. Thanks to the implant application, the roots are reconstructed. Dental implants have the ability to restore people’s smiles. In this way, people will feel better about themselves.

With dental implants, there is no need to change or reduce tooth forms as in bridges. Neighboring teeth are not changed to support the implant, the implants will remain in the mouth for a long time like their own teeth. Thanks to the abutment placed on the implant and acting as a natural tooth skeleton , it is possible to have new teeth without damaging the neighboring teeth.

Can Dental Implants Be Applied to Everyone?

People who are healthy enough to undergo routine tooth extraction or oral surgery can have dental implants. Adequate bone and healthy gums are an important issue for this procedure. After the implant, patients should pay attention to their oral hygiene and visit their dentists regularly. Heavy smoking, radiation treatments to the head and neck region, diabetes and heart diseases are evaluated depending on the patients in the implant application.

Dental Implant Practice in Thailand

Dental Implant Practice in Thailand
Dental Implant Practice in Thailand

Thailand is among the most important medical tourism destinations in the globalizing world. Thanks to experienced dentists, it is possible to have a successful dental implant treatment. There are successful dental clinics across the country serving the needs of international patients.

Advanced technology and affordability are among the strengths of Thailand’s dental industry. Dental clinics in the country use the latest tools and equipment for dental treatments. In addition, implants and coatings of very high quality brands are preferred. If you want to get information about dental implant treatment in Thailand , you can contact us.

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