Bangkok Breast Augmentation Prices

breast augmentation augmentation Also called plasty . This procedure is done to increase breast volume. In applications, breast implants are placed in the breast tissue or in the lower parts of the chest muscles. Bangkok is one of the places where medical practices are quite common. Due to the highly developed tourism here, international tourists prefer this place to be treated and have a holiday. In this respect, breast augmentation prices in Bangkok are also among the topics of interest.

Breasts attract attention by completing the aesthetic appearance of the female body. Among body measurements, breast sizes in the ratio of hips, shoulders and waists may be missing in some cases. For these reasons, breast augmentation operations are frequently preferred today.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed
How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed

Breast augmentation surgery is performed for two different reasons. This procedure is done to add volume to small breasts and to correct the shapes of irregularly shaped breasts. This goal can be achieved in two different ways. It is possible to perform breast augmentation procedures with the use of people’s own fat or the use of silicone prostheses.

Breast augmentation is a method performed under general anesthesia. This procedure is performed under operating room conditions and normally takes about 1-1.5 hours. Breast augmentation can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast lift surgery in people with low nipples.

Can Breast Augmentation Surgery Be Performed With Patients’ Own Fat Tissue?

Breast augmentation surgeries performed with the patients’ own fat tissue are mostly preferred for breasts with small volume but smooth shape. In this method, the adipose tissues, which are sucked from the hips and abdomen with the help of special cannulas, are cleaned and purified and injected into the breast tissue using special cannulas. In this way, it is possible to enlarge the breast volume without using any foreign body.

Does Breast Augmentation Surgery with Silicone Prosthesis Cause Cancer?

Breast prostheses are a method that has been used for more than 50 years. There has been a significant progress in the technologies produced over time. Breast augmentation surgeries with silicone do not have cancer risk. In addition, there is no problem in breastfeeding mothers who have silicone implants if they become pregnant.

Why is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Why is Breast Augmentation Performed
Why is Breast Augmentation Performed

If the breasts are small, breast augmentation can be performed. Since it is a surgical procedure, the risks must be considered. In addition, strict standards and high hygiene quality in the implants used will help to completely eliminate health risks.

Who is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is suitable for women with small breasts. Breast augmentation can be performed with autologous fat and implant method. People who do not have any health problems can easily have this surgery.

How is the Recovery Process of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The recovery period of breast augmentation surgery takes place in 3-4 weeks. In principle, these procedures can be easily applied to women with small breasts. It is important to carry out the procedures with specialist physicians in order that the desired changes are realistic and suitable for the body.

Breast Augmentation Operation Process

Breast Augmentation Operation Process
Breast Augmentation Operation Process

In the breast augmentation operation, there is primarily a preparatory phase. After the preparation phase, the operation can be easily performed. Breast augmentation surgeries help women with low self-confidence to increase their self-confidence. Since non-surgical methods will not provide permanent relief in women with small breasts, surgery will be more appropriate.

How is Breast Prosthesis Placed?

Breast prostheses can be performed from inframammary folds, navel, around the nipple, under the armpit. In order to be placed around the nipple, the brown, pink area around the nipple should have a width over a certain diameter . In patients who meet these conditions, the level of scarring will usually be at reasonable levels. Since this method is relatively easier, the operation time is also much shorter. It is preferred because the risks such as loss of sensation in the nipple are low.

of prosthesis placement from the submammary fold area is among the frequently used methods. This method is often preferred because it is fast and reliable. Scars heal much better after surgery. The probability of seeing scars under the breast is extremely low. The risk of loss of breast sensation and subsequent problems with breastfeeding is also low.

Placing a prosthesis through the navel is not a very common method. When this entry method is selected , prostheses called gel implants , whose structure is close to the breast tissue, are not used. Instead, prostheses that are subsequently inflated with the help of serum are used. These prostheses are not as successful as gel prostheses in terms of consistency.

Underarm breast prosthesis placement is particularly preferred by some patients. It is a method that requires more experience in terms of placing dense dentures. This method is also not widely preferred.

How Is It Decided How Deep To Place Breast Prostheses?

Breast prostheses are usually placed both above and below the muscle. The structure called muscle here is whether it will be placed on the pectoralis on the anterior chest wall or under this structure.

In submuscular placement, the prosthesis is covered with a thicker tissue layer. In this way, the edges of the prosthesis will not be touched too much. In addition to obtaining more natural results, the risk of deformation, called capsular contracture , is less. Mostly, post-operative pain situations can be more than on the muscle.

In the prosthesis placement process, the prosthesis is covered with a much thinner tissue layer. After these surgeries, the breast image will be much more prominent. However, the risks of detecting the edges of the prosthesis by hand are also higher. The risks of developing capsule contracture are much higher when compared to the submuscular method. After the surgery, pain relief is usually less.

How is the shape of the prosthesis decided?

Mostly, prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery are in the form of tears or hemispheres. Hemispherical prostheses have the feature of resembling the wife of a sphere. These prostheses, which have a smooth shape, are used more frequently in breasts with a lack of volume.

Tear prostheses are much more similar to the natural breast shape in terms of shape. The lower pole is much fuller. It is a form of prosthesis with a thin upper pole. These prostheses do not have a single shape. There are different types depending on the shape of the deformity in people. It is mostly preferred in patients who need to be corrected other than volume deficiencies and have deformities.

In the process of deciding on the type of prosthesis to be used and the method of surgery , other body characteristics of the person are also extremely important in addition to the breast shape .

What Should Be Considered After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Sometimes patients can be discharged on the same day after breast augmentation surgery . After discharge, patients should use the drugs prescribed by the physicians. The use of different painkillers that may cause bleeding should be avoided. Care should be taken not to apply pressure on the prosthesis during the two-month period.

Bangkok Breast Augmentation Surgery

Bangkok Breast Augmentation Surgery
Bangkok Breast Augmentation Surgery

Bangkok is one of the cities preferred by many medical tourists for breast augmentation. Here, procedures are performed in well-equipped clinics and by surgeons who are experts in their fields. It is also among the preferred places due to its high satisfaction rates. You can contact us for more detailed information about Bangkok breast augmentation surgery .

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