Thailand Breast Augmentation Prices

breast augmentation augmentation It is a process also known as plastic surgery. Due to the recent development of medical tourism in Thailand, breast augmentation prices in Thailand are a curious subject. One of the treatments most sought after by international patients visiting Thailand is breast augmentation treatment.

Breast augmentation surgery stands out as a surgical procedure performed to enlarge the volume of the breasts. In these applications, breast implants are placed under the chest muscles or in the breast tissue.

Why is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Why is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed
Why is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed

There are some reasons for having breast augmentation surgery. If one breast is smaller than the other, or if both breasts are small, women have self-confidence problems. If these conditions bother individuals, it is necessary to apply to the plastic surgery department.

is an important issue to be in contact with surgeons in order to have the right expectations about the breast augmentation surgery process and the image encountered after breast cancer surgery .

Preferred Implants in Breast Augmentation Surgery

In breast augmentation surgeries, adipose tissue and stem cells in the body can be used. In addition, it is possible to use implants containing silicone or salt water.

In surgical cases where the body’s own tissue is preferred, the fat taken from the fat layers on both sides of the abdomen is placed into the breast tissue and the procedure is performed. It is an important issue that these adipose tissues are fed with veins in order to be permanent in the places where they are injected. In order for new vascularization to occur, it must be transplanted together with the stem cells.

Implants may contain saline or silicone gel enclosed in a silicone sheath. After the implants containing saline are placed in their places, they are filled with sterile saline liquid.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Before breast augmentation surgery , it is important to talk to a plastic surgeon about the sensation, size and appearance. The surgeon first examines the breast structure and chooses between flat, round, textured or teardrop-shaped silicone gel or saline-containing implants according to the structure.

If patients smoke, it is recommended to quit smoking before surgery. In addition, it is important to notify the physician of all medications used during the interview. If medications contain blood thinners or pain relievers, doctors will ask you to stop them before surgery.

Some issues need to be considered before surgery. These;

  • There is no guarantee that breast implants will last a lifetime. Although the lifetime of the implants used varies, they have an average life of 10 years. Implant replication , called rupture or leakage of the inserted implant after implant insertion, may occur, although rarely. Weight gained or lost after surgery may also cause changes in the appearance of the breast.
  • Breast implants do not prevent the breasts from sagging. In addition to correcting sagging breasts, breast lift procedures may also be needed.
  • mammogram results will be quite difficult. If breast implants are present, special examinations may be needed in addition to routine mammograms .
  • Patients can stay in the hospital for one night according to the doctor’s recommendations or personal wishes. In addition, it may be possible for them to return to their homes on the same evening. In some cases, it may be necessary to add a drain to the breast tissue. Drains can be easily removed, often the next day, without the need for surgery. It is not recommended for patients to drive for a week after breast augmentation surgery .

How is Breast Augmentation Operation Performed?

To place the breast implant, surgeons choose one of three possible locations and make a single incision. These;

  • under arm
  • crease under bust
  • It may be around the nipple.

After the incision is made, the surgeon can separate the breast tissue from the chest muscles and connective tissue. This creates a pocket behind or in front of the outermost muscle of the chest wall. The surgery will place the implant in this pocket and centering will be performed behind the nipple.

After the implants are placed empty, filling procedures are performed with sterile saline. Silicone implants are filled with the help of silicone gel beforehand.

After the implant is placed in place, the surgeons close the stitches they have opened and perform bandaging with skin adhesive and surgical tape. In order to minimize scar formation, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the incision site.

What happens after the operation?

Pain and swelling problems can occur a few months after surgery. Conditions such as bruising may also occur. In addition, scars also fade over time, but may not completely disappear.

During healing, the use of a compression bandage or sports bra may be required to provide extra support to the breast implants as well as to maintain their positioning. Bras required for people are specified by surgeons. Pain control is easily done with painkillers prescribed by the physician.

It is important for patients to carefully listen to surgeons’ instructions about returning to routine life. If you do not have a physically demanding job that requires the body to work actively, you can return to work in a short time. It is important for people to avoid strenuous activities that will raise their heart rate or blood pressure for at least two weeks. During the recovery phase, it should be considered that the breasts will be sensitive to physical contact or movements that will cause shaking.

If non-absorbable sutures are used or drainage tubes are placed near the breasts, people will need to go to a follow-up appointment to have it removed. If there is warmth or redness in the chest, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible, as infection may occur.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

Breast augmentation involves changing the shape and size of the breasts. Thanks to the surgery, it is possible to increase the self-confidence of the people as the image of the body is changed. Weight gain or loss after surgery allows the appearance of the breasts to be changed. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the breasts, more operations can be performed to eliminate these problems.

Are There Any Risks of Breast Surgery?

Every surgery has some complications and risks. Augmentation Since plastic surgery is a surgical procedure, it has some risks.

  • breast pain
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Scars that distort the shape of the breast implant
  • Infection
  • Various changes in nipple or sensation

When Does the Enlarged Breast Reach Its Final Form?

Immediately after breast augmentation surgeries, the prostheses stand a little higher than they should be. Therefore, there is no natural appearance at this stage. After the third week, the silicones will soften and stand naturally. Therefore, it would be pointless to worry about their initial appearance. Breasts begin to take their final form from the third month.

There are scars after breast augmentation surgery. But the incisions are extremely small. For prosthesis placement , mostly under the breast is preferred. Since the scars are located exactly in the breast fold, they will fade over time and appear much less obvious.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Thailand

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Thailand
Breast Augmentation Surgery in Thailand

Thailand has the distinction of being one of the major medical tourism centers in the globalizing world. One of the largest private hospitals in the world is located here. Many people prefer to have breast augmentation surgery here as it is found in many successful hospitals across the country. You can contact us to get information about breast augmentation surgery in Thailand .

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