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Dental crowns are restorations made on the tooth in terms of replacing lost aesthetics and functions. In addition, it has the feature of protecting the teeth against breakage. Bangkok is one of the places where medical tourism is highly developed. Those who want to get excellent quality and affordable treatment prefer this place. Dental crowns prices in Bangkok are one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays.

Dental crown treatments are suitable for those with discolored, missing or broken teeth . Healthy teeth are an important issue that affects people’s smiles and personalities. Colored, missing or broken teeth will negatively affect people’s smiles and success. Research shows that having a beautiful smile positively affects people’s success in their lives.

What is a Porcelain Crown?

What is a Porcelain Crown
What is a Porcelain Crown

Porcelain crown is the name given to the coating processes applied to the teeth where material loss is too high for various reasons. The purpose of the porcelain crown is to protect the teeth. These operations are performed on the teeth for the purpose of coating tooth-shaped materials. Porcelain crowns do not harm the teeth and also help to extend the life of the teeth.

What Does Teeth Veneer Mean?

For aesthetic reasons, teeth coating operations can be performed. These procedures are mostly recommended by dentists to patients. The procedures are performed depending on the wishes of the patients. In the porcelain crown process, the tooth is covered with materials that are harmless and extend the life of the tooth.

What is the Difference Between Zirconium Supported Crowns and Metal Supported Crowns?

The amount of teeth that need to be cut for the placement of crowns made of zirconium and metal materials is almost the same. The substructures of metal-supported crowns are made of gray metal material. These materials are more durable than zirconium. From an aesthetic point of view, gray reflection situations may occur in patients with thin gingival structures.

There is a white substance called zirconium in the structure of the crowns formed with zirconium supported material . The same gray reflections on the gingiva do not occur in zirconium crowns. Both crowns made of zirconium and metal-supported materials are covered with porcelain materials.

Is It Possible to Cover the Teeth That Have Rooted or Loss of Matter?

It is an important issue to have structures that support the crowns in order to be able to veneer the teeth. In cases where the teeth are rotten or these structures are absent, root canal treatments are applied to the teeth and an infrastructure called post&core is created.

What are the Application Areas of Porcelain Crowns?

What are the Application Areas of Porcelain Crowns
What are the Application Areas of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crown treatment , these procedures are preferred in order to obtain a healthy and aesthetic appearance in the teeth whose caries levels are in serious conditions and the discoloration has started because their lifespan has expired. Porcelain crowns are fixed prostheses applied in the form of bridges or by bonding alone, by reducing the adjacent teeth in certain proportions in cases where there is a small number of tooth loss in the mouth. These transactions are;

  • In cases where it is necessary to replace missing porcelain veneers
  • In case of loss of substance or excessive caries in the tooth
  • In case of less tooth tissues due to repair of fractures in teeth and root canal treatment
  • It is done if the color and shape of the teeth are corrected.

What Are the Types of Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crown types are processes that differ.

  • Porcelain Laminate
  • Empress porcelain crown
  • Zircon supported porcelain crown
  • Metal-backed porcelain crown

Crown types are preferred considering the needs of the people. In this way, it is possible to reach healthy, white and aesthetic teeth.

How is the Porcelain Crown Application?

porcelain crown is made, if there are caries on the teeth, they should be cleaned. After the teeth are corrected and prepared, impression processes are started. After clarification of the suitability of the crowns, which are prepared in a special way in the laboratory and infrastructure rehearsals are carried out, the crowns are fixed and bonded. The most important goal of dentists here is to reach the closest result to natural teeth. In addition, it is important in terms of protecting the oral health of people. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate all the features related to the colors and shapes of the teeth.

How Long Do Porcelain Crowns Last?

Taking care of oral and dental health is an issue that prolongs the life of porcelain crowns. The compatibility of porcelain crowns with surrounding tissues also helps to prolong the process. There may be situations such as the removal of crowns that are not compatible with the gums and teeth. For this reason, it is an important issue that the procedures are performed by experienced dentists. Thanks to regular checkups and dental care, patients can use crowns for many years.

In How Many Sessions Do Crown Applications End?

In How Many Sessions Do Crown Applications End
In How Many Sessions Do Crown Applications End

Four sessions are required for the preparation of porcelain crowns. The procedures performed in these sessions are as follows;

  • Tooth preparation and measurement: The tooth or teeth to be restored are reduced according to the treatments to be applied. Detailed measurements of the entire mouth are performed.
  • Infrastructure rehearsal: Rehearsal and adaptation processes are carried out in the oral environment of zircon or metal infrastructures prepared from the mouth models obtained from the measurements taken in the laboratory.
  • Porcelain Rehearsal: In the laboratory, the alignment of the porcelain, which is prepared on a metal infrastructure, with the adjacent and opposite teeth in the mouth, as well as control procedures are carried out. It is also an important issue to get the opinions of the patients in terms of color and aesthetics. It is ensured that the crowns are sent to laboratories for polishing. It is possible to repeat the session in case of undesirable aesthetic situations.
  • Polishing and Cementation : The restoration, which is polished in laboratories, is tried for the last time in the mouth. If there is no problem, the patient’s approval is obtained and the restoration is fixed on the tooth. In addition, patients should be told about prosthesis and oral care techniques.

Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary for Teeth With Crowns?

canal treatment is not required for the tooth to be crowned . If there is extensive caries in the teeth before the crown is made, if the nerve and vascular packages will be injured during the crown preparation of the tooth, root canal treatment can be performed on the teeth.

What are the Problems Experienced After the Porcelain Crown is Fitted?

Often, tenderness or discomfort should not occur after the crown is attached. Small amounts of heat and cold sensitivity may occur. However, if there is pain or sensitivity during biting, it would be right to consult with dentists. These situations are mostly caused by high crowns. This can be easily fixed.

What are the Advantages of Crown Coating?

The process of removing the missing tooth in the mouth is called crown coating . They are the preferred application methods in order to regain the lost visual and functional properties of the surfaces of the teeth that first come into contact with food.

crown prosthesis , which is preferred in terms of health and aesthetics, draws attention with its extremely durable. It is also highly resistant to high bite pressures. In addition to the durability of the crown coating, it also has various advantages for the patients. Crown veneers have the feature of providing a natural appearance to patients. It has a very compatible structure with the gums. It does not cause undesirable situations such as allergic reactions.

Bangkok Dental Crown Treatment

Bangkok Dental Crown Treatment
Bangkok Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns are among the most preferred treatments by international patients visiting Bangkok. The applications, which are carried out very quickly, are carried out in quality and equipped clinics. Thailand is a country that draws attention with its advanced medical technology and affordable prices. You can contact us for dental crown treatment in Bangkok .

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