Thailand Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood smile, as the name suggests, is a smile aesthetic procedure inspired by the bright smiles of Hollywood stars. Due to the fact that it is extremely popular today, Thailand Hollywood smile prices are also curious. In this process, the gingival, jaw, tooth and lip structures of the patients are examined and the most suitable smile designs are made.

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve the Hollywood smile effect. In addition, it is an important issue to have a healthy appearance of the gums. This application is also called smile design.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

What is the Hollywood Smile
What is the Hollywood Smile

It is also possible to have the remarkable smiles of Hollywood stars that are watched with admiration today. Before starting smile aesthetics, the mouth structure should be examined first. Smile design procedures can be easily applied to both men and women.

Examining the structure of the lips and gums as well as the teeth is also part of the treatment. Necessary examinations are made by specialist dentists in line with the desired smile. The procedures that can be done to have an aesthetic smile are as follows;

  • Lip filler
  • Teeth whitening
  • gum treatment
  • porcelain laminates
  • Implant treatment
  • composite laminates
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Full ceramic coatings
  • Zirconium coating

smile aesthetics , only white teeth and pink gums are not enough for the desired smile. The cavities in the mouth besides the teeth and gums also have a black and dark appearance. The less the black image is visible, the more aesthetically pleasing the smile will look. In order for this to occur, the length of the teeth must be extended and their volume must be increased. In this way, it is possible to reduce the dark appearance to minimum levels.

Before proceeding to smile aesthetics, detailed intraoral and jaw examinations supported by x-rays should be performed. As a result of sensitive analyzes based on digital measurements, it is possible to put it into practice. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform aesthetic procedures with botox. It can also be seen how the result will be by performing the application processes in digital form or with the help of special temporary materials. Thus, it is possible to start the process after patient approval.

To Whom Is The Hollywood Smile Applied?

Hollywood smile application , detailed intraoral examination supported by x-rays, profile photos, smile photos and analyzes on digital measurements are made, and then the decision stage is made. Sometimes, botox and various surgical procedures may need to be added to these procedures.

The results of the treatment and the processes are evaluated together with the patients. After the notification process, the process begins. The result can be seen by performing oral application procedures digitally or with special temporary materials . In this way, it is possible to start the processes after the approval of the patients.

What Are The Hollywood Smile Rules?

Hollywood smile standards can be listed as follows;

  • Lip widths need to be adjusted to half the width of the face.
  • It is an important issue for people to have deep laughing lines. With the smile, it is possible to see all the teeth up to the upper molars.
  • It is important that the lips have a symmetrical appearance.
  • The upper front teeth should have a smooth appearance.
  • During the smile, the upper gums should be visible by a maximum of 2 mm.
  • It is an important issue that the applications in the form of fillings on the upper teeth of the people are not visible.
  • People’s lower incisors should appear during smiling.
  • It should be noted that the upper incisors are more prominent and ahead than the other teeth.

In addition to dental and gum operations, lip filling and botox may be required for the Hollywood smile application.

What are the Advantages of Getting a Hollywood Smile?

The advantages of the Hollywood smile have made the application more preferred, especially recently. Communication between the patient and the doctor is extremely important in terms of fully meeting the expectation with a Hollywood smile. It is an important issue for dentists to understand the expectations of patients correctly and to analyze patient expectations and treatment results correctly.

When working with specialist dentists for a Hollywood smile, this treatment will be carried out quite successfully. The design must be planned in advance and patient approval must be obtained. In addition, it is an important issue to constantly rehearse the design. Thus, it is possible to achieve excellent results. The advantages of a correct and perfect Hollywood smile application;

  • People get a perfect look with a perfect smile.
  • With the Hollywood smile design, it is possible to achieve both aesthetic and symmetrical teeth.
  • Self-confidence problems caused by oral and dental problems can be eliminated.
  • Determining an ideal smile for people’s faces helps to provide an energetic look.
  • Since it is an application that takes into account the expectations of people, it is possible to provide 100% satisfaction after the procedure.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile?

It is important to perform many different processes for making a Hollywood smile . Apart from dental and gingival treatments, procedures such as lip filling can also be performed within the scope of smile design. For smile design, it is an important issue to first determine the needs and expectations of people. For this reason, the procedures to be performed differ from person to person.

Porcelain Vener

Porcelain Veneer is a porcelain veneer treatment applied to the front of the teeth. It helps people to eliminate crooked, stained, broken and intermittent tooth problems. It has the feature of being a process that can be performed in a short time. Since the materials used in the porcelain veneer process have light transmittance, there are no undesirable situations such as graying.

Teeth whitening

There are different methods preferred for teeth whitening . The purpose of all methods is to provide a white appearance by providing a few shades of tooth color. These procedures can be performed by dentists in clinical settings or by patients themselves at home. Which of the methods to use is determined depending on the needs of the patients.


Implant is one of the treatment methods to eliminate tooth loss.

How Are Hollywood Smile Prices Determined?

Hollywood smile prices are determined after a comprehensive examination of the people. Hollywood smile designs vary according to the needs and expectations of patients. For this reason, since the scope of the treatments to be applied may change, it would not be wrong to say a clear amount about the price . In general, the parameters that determine the Hollywood smile are;

  • The expertise and experience of the treating physicians
  • Oral and dental health of people
  • The level of expertise and technical equipment of the center where the treatment will take place
  • Additional requests of individuals

What are the Preferred Smile Types in Smile Design?

It is possible to make many different smile designs in the smile design application. The Hollywood smile is among the preferred smile types, especially with the flawless appearance it has provided in recent times.

  • intellectual smile design process, it is ensured that people have a knowledgeable and mature smile. In this design, the general standards are realized by emphasizing the lower parts of the face and aligning the teeth on a straight line.
  • Sporty smile design allows people to gain a sincere and warm smile. The general standards of the design are that the central incisors are slightly longer than the lateral teeth.
  • Attractive smile design helps people have an attractive smile. In this design, the front teeth are slightly longer than the side teeth.

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Thailand

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Thailand
Hollywood Smile Treatment in Thailand

Thailand has attracted a lot of attention in terms of medical tourism recently. In this context, many people prefer to visit this place. In addition, Hollywood smile treatment in the country is carried out by specialist dentists in equipped clinics. You can contact us to get information about Hollywood smile treatment in Thailand .

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